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Caring Dad Support?

Are you a caring dad that needs support with their parenting?

This work is undertaken with individuals and not as a group .

It will be over a number of Zoom online sessions. The purpose

is to improve your fathering skills and take responsibility for your

children’s welfare and safety.

It is hoped that you will learn new skills to develop your

relationship with your child/children and their mother or primary

carer to reduce the impact of poor communication affecting the

whole family. Be this learning to live more safely together or to

safely separate, but in a child-centred way.

The majority of the areas below are covered, but not necessarily

all of them, as the work is tailored to individual need.

As a caring father you will be supported to develop skills in healthy ways to cope in frustrating situations:-

  • Helping recognise attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that support healthy and unhealthy father-child relationships

  • Developing skills for interacting with children in healthy ways

  • Understanding the impact and perspectives of children who experience controlling, intimidating, abusive and neglectful actions, which could include witnessing domestic violence

  • Understanding how different fathering strategies and choices affect children

  • Increasing your awareness of what controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviours are.

  • Developing strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship

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